About Us

About Our Company

About Our Company

Keep your employees and visitors healthy and happy with hygienic commercial cleaning by Bucks County Cleaning, Inc. Our thorough, top-to-bottom janitorial services and competitive rates make us the ideal choice for commercial and industrial properties of all types.

With our company, you benefit from our industry specialist knowledge and professional equipment. All our cleaning products are commercial grade and purchased from a reliable janitorial company. Whenever possible, our cleaning personnel use eco-friendly solutions to reduce our impact on the environment. We supply safety data sheets for all products we use so you can rest assured that our process is completely safe and OSHA compliant.

We understand the importance of trust in a business relationship, which is why our company is fully bonded and insured. We are bonded through CNA (TM), a leader in the insurance industry. To protect our customers, we carry full liability insurance. Worker's compensation insurance is also in place for the benefit of our employees.

About Our Employees

Let our cleaners through your doors with confidence. All of our staff members undergo a thorough background check and complete substantial training before setting foot on any client's property. For security purposes, all employees are required to wear easily recognizable company shirts and jackets.

Employees also follow specific dress codes based upon the types of service they deliver on your property, such as wearing steel-toed shoes and safety glasses. Inspections are conducted by trained supervisors.

We believe in keeping our employees happy so they work to the best of their ability. Our company offers a number of employee incentives and benefits, including a company 401k plan with a 6% match, dental insurance, bonus award programs, and reimbursement for required work gear. Supervisors also receive car allowances, a gas credit card, and cell phones specifically for work. All employees are paid through a payroll service with proper documentation and receive payment for their complete work even if extra time was needed.
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